• January 23rd: Application
  • January 24th: Web based interview
  • January 30th: phone interview
  • February 13th: CONGRATULATIONS!


Applications are arguably the easiest step in the entire process. However, I do know of some individuals who don’t even make it past this step. I’m not too sure of the reason(s) why they were not asked to complete the WBI but here are some tips of what I did which helped me get accepted.


Seriously, submit a resume. I’m a senior at my University so I’ve had a resume for the past two years as I’ve been exploring internships and jobs. I used my standard resume but changed the format slightly; normally I listed my job description as a supervisor of food and beverage first because it is such a big thing but for the DCP since I really wanted lifeguarding so I put the fact that I had interned at 2 hospitals first because I wanted to showcase that I was able to work in a stressful environment dealing with sick/ injured individuals.

If you’re an underclassman I can understand that you might not have a resume but I really suggest you take the time make one. During my PI my interviewer Patty, referred to my resume probably for 70% of the questions she asked me about roles (you can read more about this in my Phone Interview) but basically she would ask questions like “So I see you have experience in                how do you think this would help you in             role?’. The more they know about you the better, it makes you more personable. Below are some ideas you can use to build your resume. here is my resume I submitted for my application if you needed a template.

  • Volunteering
  • Shadowing
  • Job(s)
  • School activities
  • Research
  • Honors

It took me about 20 minutes to complete my application because I wanted to be thorough. Part of me wanted to rush through it so I could take my WBI sooner but I wouldn’t change anything (especially since I got accepted!).


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