The title of this blog is the idea of my twin sister, Emily. In 2014 when we both envisioned completing the program together we were going to have a dual blog called “Twins Upon A Time”. My dream wouldn’t be possible without her so I decided to continue with our plan to have a DCP blog honoring each of us!


In 2014, Emily, my twin sister, and I became aware of an amazing experience known as the Disney College Program (DCP). We decided to apply when applications came out in January to participate during the Fall 2015 program. However, after talking with our advisors we realized this might not be the best option. We both had to take physics the coming fall and it was not taught in the spring; if we missed this class it would push both of us back an entire year as we couldn’t take other classes until physics was completed. We had already done hours of research (because what else would we do during our coveted winter break), it was a hard decision but we decided to put off applying and instead apply for the spring 2016 program.

8 months later in August 2015 when applications came out for Spring 2016 Emily had been accepted at an internship that would help set her up for grad school but the dates conflicted with those in the DCP. I had the option to apply but, again, I had classes I could only take in the spring and if I didn’t take them it would set me back. I was already graduating late because I had transferred university’s my freshman year and they hadn’t taken all of my transfer credits and I didn’t want to prolong it anymore. After mapping out our options it didn’t appear that either of us would be able to experience the DCP. We were both extremely disappointed because we had really hyped up this experience and were set on getting to live it together.

Over one year later in December of 2016 Emily and I graduated! Emily had already begun applying to grad schools and I knew I was going to take a year off before continuing my education. So, like any recent graduate, I had the thought “what now?” I began applying to jobs and internships and looking into how to spend my time in this gap year – and then came Disney – While surfing Pinterest I came across a pin about Disney, I didn’t know if I would still be able to attend the program since I had already walked in December. Upon further investigation the DCP allows you to do the program no more than 6 months after you graduate. Now, I know I said I graduated in December, but technically I only walked (I was hanging onto any hope that I might be able to live my dream), I walked on condition that I complete an internship required by my major in the spring (I didn’t want to be away from my university for 6 months and then come back to graduate). So, while I had walked across the stage, wore my cap and gown, and did the whole shebang, I was technically not an official graduate till May; which was less than 6 months from the start of the program! My dreams could finally come true!

I told Emily I planned to apply when applications came out and she was torn; she wanted to apply as well as a back-up to grad school. Emily was afraid that if she didn’t apply and didn’t get accepted to grad school she would have nothing to do, but she was equally scared that she would get accepted to both and be heartbroken if she had to turn down Disney. In the end, I applied the day applications came out and did my web based interview (WBI) the next day and I think because of how excited I was she decided to apply as well. Emily completed the application, passed the WBI and got the email to schedule her phone interview (PI) like I had but she was extremely conflicted about grad school and in the end did not schedule her PI.

I think we were both upset by her decision but decided not to dwell on it. She helped me prepare for my PI and ran me through mock interviews everyday leading up to it and she helped me study my questions and answers so I could be well polished. It was sad knowing that we should have been doing this together instead of it being one sided and I can’t imagine the envy she felt as every once in a while she would exclaim “I can’t believe you get to do this, I’m so jealous!”. But with Emily’s help I passed my PI and received my acceptance email 2 weeks later!



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