• January 23rd: Application submitted
  • January 24th: Web based interview
  • January 30th: phone interview
  • February 13th: CONGRATULATIONS!


The WBI was a little tricky for me, I knew the questions were going to be rapid fire and you only got a limited time to answer which made me nervous. This is good and bad; it’s good because it doesn’t give you time to second guess and forces you to pick the option most like you, it’s bad because if you’re like me you might panic a little bit and regret the answer you gave.

During my WBI, Emily sat next to me with a timer and each time a new question appeared she would restart the timer. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, Disney definitely gives you enough time to answer the questions. Personally, I feel like they put the time limit there so that you go with your gut reaction instead of sitting there and thinking about which answer Disney “wants” you to give. What I did and what I’ve seen from other blogs is to be yourself; if you’ve scoured the depths of the internet like I have you’ve probably seen the posts of people saying they gave all the “right answers that made them sound the best” but wasn’t really them and they didn’t get the PI. Remember, Disney has been doing this for years and somehow with all that magic they know if you’re not being truthful, idk.

Horror story: some questions were really hard to answer, there were questions I had never even thought about for myself  (I should have video taped the WBI but I didn’t and now I can’t remember any specific questions, kill me) there were also questions where I felt like I needed context to answer it like “you always help others even if you have your own job to do” (and then you can agree or disagree). For me this was hard because as a supervisor my job is to literally help my entire staff even if I have a list of things I need to get done; so I wanted to answer “agree” but then I was like “well that might make it sound like I never complete my own jobs”. I really wish for some I could have given a reason for my answer because that’s how confused I was about the question… anyways, so the horror story is I had one of these questions (and I was 3/4 of the way done with the WBI, and at this point Emily was no longer timing my questions) and I missed the cutoff…

I DIDN’T ANSWER THE QUESTION IN TIME AND THEY SHUT ME OUT OF THE PROGRAM. I basically had a heart attack, I started freaking out because all of my dreams and everything that had led me to this point was ruined all because I wasn’t sure how to answer the question. A message popped up saying that I had run over time for the question and I wouldn’t be able to answer it for that reason (oh my gosh, Disney probably thinks I’m so unreliable at this point). I was allowed to finish the WBI but I was freaking out the whole time, I was sure at the end they were going to tell me I hadn’t passed.

But that didn’t happen! When I was done a page popped up congratulating me and informing me to wait for an email to schedule my PI. I was literally so relieved and excited and shocked. I waited for that email on the edge of my seat all the while freaking out with Emily. about 5 minutes later I got the email and was able to pick a time to schedule my PI. The way they did this during my program was they showed you a list of dates available (I think my options were Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday’s). I took my WBI on Tuesday and Emily really wanted me to do my PI the next day; I had already done so much research but there was still more I had to do so I chose Monday the following week at 9:30am (I’m a huge morning person), the reason I chose this early is because I had to go to work and I didn’t want to be stressing about it the entire day. This backfired a little because I woke up at 6:30am ( I know, it’s horrible) and got breakfast and I still had to wait 2 hours before my PI.

If you have any questions about a topic I may not have covered, please comment below!


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