• January 23rd: Application submitted
  • January 24th: Web based interview
  • January 30th: phone interview
  • February 13th: CONGRATULATIONS!


9:30am EST


9:34am EST

Duration: 23 minutes

Interviewer: Patty


One key point Emily noted while doing mock-interviews was that I talked super fast and I wouldn’t pause before I answered questions. During my PI I focused on taking one breathe after Patty asked a question, repeating the question and then answering it. This helped me slow down and not sound so rushed, nervous, or rehearsed.

So, when I get nervous about speaking I start to cough, not like “I’m dying and have something caught in my throat” but like “my throat is dry” kind of cough. I knew I was nervous about coughing too much so I mentioned that I was getting over a cold (little white lie) and I apologized in advance if I may cough and accidently disrupt her. Patty was so sweet and told me she was having really bad allergies and she had been sneezing all morning and if we each gave each other time to cough or sneeze that would be wonderful. I know it sounds so stupid but having that super small connection really helped to make me feel more confidant.

Patty began by asking simple questions about my birth date, address, phone number, and email. She asked a few other simple questions like this and I tried to give short and straight answers. (Another thing Emily mentioned during our mock interviews was that I liked to talk and I would give a good answer but then I would keep talking and she would lose interest). So I wanted to have a nice balance of answering questions that gave the best impression of me but also were short, sweet, and to the point.

For the first few questions I was very smiley and happy and tried to show my passion for wanting to be in this program. However, there were some questions that I ended up having to be very serious about. This confused me at first because for all of my mock interviews I had practiced being happy and bubbly. But when she was asking questions about lifeguarding and how I handled emergency situations I was very serious. I knew this was the proper response and especially since I was so interested in lifeguarding I wanted to make it adamant that I did not take that role lightly especially because you are literally guarding peoples lives.

At the end of my interview I asked Patty how long she had been with Disney and what role she started in. I was genuinely interested because I liked seeing how CM could grow in the company but when I had been doing research I saw that a lot of people asked this question (I also knew she probably made at least 12 calls per day and I wanted to stand out). I asked Patty what type of international guests most frequented the parks and therefore, what languages would be best to have a small grasp on. This question made her think and pause before answering so I knew she was not prepared for this, and hopefully helped me stand out.


In my previous post Preparing for the PI I linked the questions I was prepared for PI Study Guide. Remember, these are my answers suited to my background and personality, use this as a template and not a hard copy.

Questions I was prepared for that Patty asked:

  • Tell me why you want to do the Disney College Program / Why do you want to work for Disney?
  • How will DCP help you in your future career
  • How does this relate to your major?
  • How would you deal with someone who does not speak English very well?
  • Have you lived with roommates before?
  • How would you feel living with a foreign exchange student?
  • Do you prefer working in a team or alone?
  • Are you familiar with the Disney look?
  • Do you have any body modifications, tattoos, or piercings?
  • How are you prepared for Lifeguard
  • How are you prepared for QSFB?
  • Tell me about your job history
  • Describe an emergency situation you had to respond to.

*These are not in order or the exact wording

Questions I was not prepared for:

  • If you were in a room with just children and nothing else, how would you entertain them?
  • How do you feel about having multiple lives in your hands
  • have you ever operated a watercraft

*This is not a complete list of questions asked

**My Notes I referenced during my PI:


Because I was so excited for the role of Front Desk it had been very obvious to me during the interview that Patty did not ask any questions pertaining to the role. I wasn’t bummed about that because she had asked a fair amount of questions about lifeguarding. Whenever she asked a question (that was relatable) I tried to link it back to lifeguarding so that I could show how much I wanted it. I always tried to make it clear that since I was graduated this role would best help me and my future. I was confidant I had gotten my point across.

What surprised me was how many questions Patty asked about QSFB. I had listed QSFB as a low role because I really didn’t want it. My reasoning behind this was since I was a supervisor I had already mastered food and beverage (FB). It also wasn’t really going to help me in my future career and I wanted to move away from FB after having held a job in it for 7 years. Nevertheless, Patty asked a lot about my role as a supervisor, my time in FB, and situational questions about QSFB. After my PI I knew that would be an option of what role I could possibly be placed in.


I know I have stated this many times but it is so true, Disney wants genuine members and can tell if you’re trying to be someone else. Patty was perfect for me because I love to have a good time but when it comes to work (especially my job as a supervisor) I tend to be serious. Because I was so relaxed with Patty I was able to showcase these different sides of me which I truly believe helped me get accepted.

Don’t try to be anybody else, I watched at least 50 phone interviews on Youtube and everyone had different tactics. There was a girl with an amazingly beautiful personality and when the interviewer asked how she was doing she replied “I’m supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” (don’t make fun of my spelling). She sounded so natural doing it and I believed that is how she made her mark on her interviewer; but that is something I would never be able to say and sound genuine.

Another PI I watched was a guy who when his interviewer asked why he wanted to do the DCP he responded “Yo, because Disney is lit!!!”. Again, due to my personality I would never respond to a question like this, but his interviewer laughed and agreed and he got an acceptance letter. It pays to answer questions honestly and make it more of a conversation between you and your interviewer rather than a one-sided discussion.

Again, be yourself and be true to yourself. It doesn’t hurt and may just help you leave a lasting impression on your interviewer which will hopefully get you accepted into the DCP; Good luck!


If you have any specific questions about my PI feel free to leave a comment down below and I’ll be happy to answer!




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