• January 23rd: Application submitted
  • January 24th: Web based interview
  • January 30th: phone interview
  • February 13th: CONGRATULATIONS!

Exactly two weeks after my PI, down to the hour, I received an email of my acceptance to the Disney College Program!



I was just wrapping up my day at my internship and was headed out to my other job. I was talking to one of my coworkers and I picked up my phone to see what notifications I had gotten while working. There were a few text messages and a few emails. It’s one of those things where I’m not completely sure why I looked (normally I wait until I get home to read all of my notifications) but today I scrolled down the page and skimmed the senders of the texts and emails.

That’s when I saw the sender

As far as I was aware no one had been accepted yet. I was in a Facebook page and I knew as soon as a wave of acceptances went out there would be a lot of commotion. But then I read the title of the email, “Disney College Program: Congratulations!”

I was floored. I was still talking to my coworker and no one at work (or anyone besides my sister for that matter) knew I was applying to this program. I tried to quickly wrap up my conversation and then walk out of the building as normally as possible. As soon I  got out of the clinic and into the lobby I called Emily. At this point I was shaking so much because I couldn’t believe it. I told her I had gotten accepted and she screamed, which made me feel so much more excited and emotional. Of course Emily asked what role I had gotten and I had only read the title and not the actual message; I told her this and I told her that I would wait till I got home to find out. We were both so excited, I can barely even begin to describe the elation I had. I was shaking, I was laughing, I was smiling, I was on the verge of crying!

I know I told Emily I would wait till I got home to find out my role but as soon as I was in my car I knew the 15 minute drive home would take too long. I opened the email and clicked the link…..


…and I got accepted for quick service food and beverage (QSFB)…

It’s hard to describe the mixed emotions I was feeling. Going into this process I knew that if I were to get accepted I would go no matter what role I received. This was my last opportunity to be able to complete the DCP and I wanted it more than anything.

But I really didn’t want QSFB.

To make it clear, I wasn’t one of those people who didn’t want QSFB because it was a gross role and/or is wasn’t glamorous; I didn’t want QSFB because I was a graduate and I wanted to move forward and closer to my goals. QSFB made it seem like I was stuck, like I was staying in the same place I had been the last 7 years.

When I got home Emily was all over me, she handed me a hard cider (which I desperately needed #bless) and congratulated me over and over again. I think she was so happy that she didn’t notice how I was much less enthusiastic than when I had called her. Emily asked me to find out what role I had gotten, I told her I had been too eager so I had already looked. I think that was when she noticed a change in my demeanor. I told her I got QSFB and I could actually see her face fall. I had my first real discussion about if this was actually the right path and it wasn’t setting me back. Emily reminded me that I had said I would do the DCP no matter what role but I could tell she was having the same thoughts I had.

Looking back on it, I think I was most put down about how I would tell my parents; I was worried they would think the same thing I was and tell me I shouldn’t pursue this. I had to go to my other job and still had about 5 hours before they got home so I kept trying to think of a way to tell them and make it sound like I was still moving forward and that their daughter that had just graduated college wasn’t staying in the same place.


Stay tuned for my next post about my trials and tribulations of telling my family and friends!



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