The DCP is an opportunity I have longed for for the last three years. I was beyond excited and emotional when I found out I was accepted but when I thought about having to tell my family and friends my heart dropped. I had no idea whether they would have the same excitement I did or if they wouldn’t understand the opportunities the DCP could offer me and look down on it.

Besides Emily, I hadn’t told anyone I was applying for the DCP. This was both a benefit and a hindrance. Because I told Emily she was able to see how excited I was about the program and how much work I put into it and seriously wanted this opportunity. On the downside my friends and family weren’t afforded this same opportunity and it was a bit of a shock  when I told them of my acceptance. The only benefit (and the main reason I didn’t tell anyone) is that they wouldn’t have any expectations. In 2014 when Emily and I were applying we told everyone. We were so excited for the opportunity and we wanted everyone to know but when we decided that it wasn’t the best time to apply it was extremely embarrassing after we had hyped it up. I didn’t want that downfall this time so I decided with Emily that I would only tell her. It was hard to keep the secret especially with the amount of time I was putting in to researching the PI and hours Emily and I would spend doing mock interviews. I was so excited the closer my PI came and I really felt myself biting back not to share my excitement with my parents but I always came back to the fact that I didn’t want to have to tell people I had failed. In this post I’ll explain my trials and tribulations and how I told my parents, grandparents, and friends.


(A little background, it was February 13th and I had been looking for a job since the first week of January)

As previously mentioned in my last post, Acceptance Timeline – Congratulations, I was nervous to tell my parents I had been accepted because I didn’t know how they would react once I told them about my QSFB role. Later in the evening we were all sitting in the living room watching This Is Us; I knew I had to tell them and Emily kept giving me the side eye wondering when I was going to break the news. During a commercial, Emily’s boyfriend called her and she went upstairs to talk to him, idk why but I though that was a good a time as any to tell them.

  • Me: “I got a job”
  • Parents: “Oh my gosh that’s great-“
  • M: “It doesn’t start until august” (I’m beginning to smile because that’s what I do when I’m nervous)
  • P: “Oh… well that’s amazing-“
  • M: “And I have to relocate for it”
  • P: “That’s a lot-“
  • M: “It’s an internship at Walt Disney World”

My parents flipped out, in a good way. They were so completely excited and I felt so relieved. To see their excitement made my elation grow even more; nothing meant more to me than my parents support and the fact that they were not just supportive but excited and encouraging made it so much better!

Of course they had the same  question as Emily and wanted to know what I would be doing while I was down there. I was a little nervous once again, no longer that they would reject the notion of me working in Disney but that they would have the same reaction I did when I found out. I said “I applied for lifeguard since it’s the closest role to my major but I got placed in QSFB.” Again, it was such a relief that they had no hesitations; my mom immediately said “I couldn’t imagine a better role for you, Disney will be gaining a valuable resource when you start working there” (omg Mom, you’re making me blush). I told them of my hesitations and that it felt like I wasn’t moving forward and I had already mastered FB; my parents both had the same reaction to that, they told me that I may have mastered it at my job but Disney would put all of my skills and knowledge to the test. They reminded me that Disney has extremely high expectations and if I made it through the program any employer would recognize that I had worked for one of the most well-known and complex companies in the world. But most of all I lost any hesitations when they said it may be one of the most important opportunities I had to date and I couldn’t give this chance up.

And I shit you not, my mom probably started planning for that vacation 2 minutes later!


I told my parents on the day I found out (Monday) but didn’t get through the process of accepting my acceptance (ie paying the dues) until Wednesday; because of this I didn’t tell my grandparents until Friday.

I was a little more relaxed telling my grandparents after the support I got from my parents but I was still nervous telling them such big news. They take a trip down to Florida every year so I started out the phone call with that.

  • Me: “So I finally got a job and I was wondering when your trip to Florida is so you could visit me.”
  • Grandma: “OooOoooOOO! Oh my that’s exciting!”
  • Grandpa: “Am I hearing this right?”
  • M: “Yeah! I got a job and I have to relocate to Florida for it, but it doesn’t start until August.”
  • Grandparents: “That’s fantastic! What will you be doing?”
  • M: “I accepted a job with Walt Disney World!”
  • Grandparents: “Oh…”
  • Gma: “I cannot believe this! Of course we’ll visit you, Oh Abby this is so exciting, congratulations! I need to put this in my calendar!”
  • Gpa: “Well… I’m assuming they don’t have physical therapy down there so what will you be doing?”

That was a valid question, one everyone else had asked me but for some reason I was nervous to tell him, and from the way he had been reacting I could tell he wasn’t sure why this was a valuable thing. What you may not get from the above conversation is the tone of voices, both had been skeptical when I first told them but Grandma (bless her) got on board right away and was super fun to talk to about it, later in the convo I told her I could get her into the parks for free and we discussed how much she wanted to see me down there and how fun this opportunity will be.

Not for you to get the wrong idea, my grandpa was excited it just took him longer, but his tone was less enthusiastic. He has a PhD and was a civil engineer and then was a college professor for 30 years, he’s very fun but when it comes to education he is very straightforward. Both my sister and I plan on obtaining either a PhD (for Emily) or become a titled Doctor (me) and my Grandpa has helped us every step of the way. For this reason, I’m sad I approached the conversation in a fun fashion and should have known to explain to him this I wasn’t giving up my dream and working at Disney was only temporary. I had talked to him over Christmas and they knew I wasn’t going to continue my education until 2018 but I think my Grandpa may have feared I wouldn’t go back. With all of these reasons swarming in my head I chickened out and didn’t come right out and say I got QSFB.

I explained to my Grandparents that when I applied I had applied to be a lifeguard and explained my reasoning. I also told them that even though I was accepted they wouldn’t give me a role until later and that I had also gotten questions pertaining to QSFB, children’s activities, and watercraft operator. I made sure to point out that no matter what role I was “eventually” given I would continue to accept the offer, then I went on to explain how beneficial Disney could be blah blah blah.

It was a white lie and I should have just come out and told them but I didn’t and that can’t be changed. I just hope that giving them more time to think about it and the more I talk to them about it will help them understand how beneficial it can be if I take every opportunity Disney offers me.


Tuesday, (the day after I got accepted) I texted my best friend Caitie and told her everything. I explained the application, my PI, and what role I was given, I told her how excited I was and she was elated. That’s one thing I can always count on Caitie for is to back me up no matter what, be it boys, bars, life decisions, or anything in between she’ll hop on the train and be my cheerleader!

Caitie was so excited that she ended up tweeting at me and congratulating me on my internship. Another friend saw the tweet and confirmed it with me.

Later the next week I went out with some friends and that was a big topic of discussion. I welcomed all of their questions (although I pulled the same thing I did with my Grandparents and told them I applied to be a lifeguard but didn’t mention that wasn’t the role I had received) and I was genuinely excited to tell them. That is until one of my friends asked this question

  • Laughing and scoffing “Wait a second, this isn’t the Disney College Program is it?”

I could tell that this was something she looked down on (for some silly reason) so again, I tailored my answer to the situation

  • “Well, it’s through that program but since I have graduated it will be seen as a professional internship.”

This seemed to make sense to them and that question was left there but I sat there the rest of the night (and still do) wonder why some people look down on this opportunity. I am extremely excited for this and in some cases it’s uncomfortable that I feel like I have to hide the truth to avoid comments behind my back.

Side note: I swear I don’t lie as much as this post may make it seem. I knew it was going to be hard to explain I was doing the DCP after graduation no matter how excited I was for it. I knew everyone wouldn’t be on board so to make myself feel more comfortable (and in some cases try not to be ridiculed) I tried to give the most honest answer I could while still leaving some things out.

The reason I posted this is because I know others will go through some of the same things I did and if this can help them then it was worth it.


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