• 2 weeks after PI, exactly!

I was accepted in the first wave of acceptances #bless. I was extremely happy about this because I didn’t except acceptances to go out so soon and also I never had to wait around wondering why Disney wasn’t contacting me.


  • Quick service food and beverage (QSFB)!
  • Fall 2017


  • August 7th, 2017 – January 4th 2018

For my program we had 4 dates we could choose from to move in: August 7th, 14th, 21st, and September 4th.

The summer before my program I’ll have no obligations at home besides handing in my 2 weeks at my jobs, this meant I could choose whichever date I pleased. I knew I didn’t want the date in September because I would literally be missing an entire month of living at Disney. I wasn’t sure weather I wanted the 7th or 14th though. I think I was actually leaning towards the 14th just so I could have a little extra time with my family and a little extra time to make and save money (before I gave my entire paycheck to Disney food and merchandise). Despite this, Emily and my Dad both practically yelled (in a fun way) at me and told me I would be going the 7th.

During my program everyone had the same check out date where it the past the checkout dates were different for each move in date. So there really was no benefit to going a week later because I would just lose out on an extra week at Disney which I knew I would kill for once the time came and my program ended.

*I was really confused when it came to paying the fee to pick a move-in date. Basically, it’s like college where you have to pay before you go to solidify a spot (go figure). When doing research I never came across how much this would be. When I got accepted on Monday and was going through the 3 part step to accept my acceptance I got to the fee and realized it was $350. Yikes! Because I was completing my clinicals (unpaid) I was only working about 20 hours a week which was barely covering my bills. Thankfully from babysitting I had about $290, but I still needed $60 more to cover the cost. I got paid the following week but that was after my 7 day window to accept my offer. Needless to say I was freaking out. Thankfully, my parents stepped in and loaned me the rest and I was able to accept my offer. However, I have seen extremely heartbreaking posts about individuals who were accepted for DCP and couldn’t go because they couldn’t front the cost.

Whether you have a job or do some things here and there to make money, start saving up as soon as you know you’re going to apply for the DCP if you know money will be an issue. Any college student knows that $350 is not change you’ll just have lying around.


Housing preferences and linking with roommates doesn’t come out until about 2-3 weeks before you move in. I have done a lot of research though and have talked it through with the girls I plan on living with and we have decided on The Commons.

For me I didn’t have any real preferences for housing besides that I absolutely did not want to live in Vista Way. I was between Patterson Court and Commons because Patterson had a pool that looked like it would be amazing for photos (yeah, it’s stupid) and Commons had free laundry in every apartment (other complexes only had a few building with communal laundry that you had to pay for).

What was important for me (besides cute photos and free laundry) was the type of gym the complex had, what amenities they offered, if it was close to a bus (even though I’ll have my car), and that it wasn’t completely disgusting and in need of repair (Vista Way).

My roomies and I ended up choosing the Commons because it is one of the newer complexes and it used to only be for foreign exchange students so it tends to be nicer and they recently updated all of the apartments there so they all look super modern. We didn’t go with Patterson because it has a reputation of being super quiet, and while we didn’t was to live in a complex that was like a rave every night (Vista Way), we also didn’t want to live in a retirement home.

*We are choosing to put Commons first on our housing application but it’s up to recruiters if we get to live there or not.

**I’ll post a separate blog specifically about the different housing options and I’ll link videos; I’ll also post about them again once I get down there and see them!


  • PA –> Fl

For my program I decided it would be best to drive. I have had my car for a little over a year now and I really don’t want to give up that freedom. I have also heard that the buses can be unreliable and if you take a bus to work you’ll have to leave 2-3 hours before your shift actually starts to make sure you get there on time. Whereas if you have a car you can leave 30m-1h before your shift. And on days where you work a closing shift and then an opening the next day, 2 extra hours of sleep can do wonders.

A car will also give you freedom around Orlando. There is a bus to go from Disney to Universal that you only have to pay a quarter for, I do plan on utilizing this but in the instance a group of us wants to go from Universal/ Disney to Downtown Orlando for dinner a car would be preferable.


  • 6 girls total

When you choose housing you have the option of going with random roommates or linking with up to 7 other individuals. And when you choose housing you have many options to choose from.

  • 1 bedroom 2 person
  • 1 bedroom 3 person
  • 2 bedroom 4 person
  • 2 bedroom 5 person
  • 2 bedroom 6 person
  • 3 bedroom 6 person
  • 4 bedroom 8 person

I was between 4 and 6 roommates. 7 other girls seemed like too much and the thought of only having 1 other roommate would be too lonely. Housing prices do vary based on the amount of people you room with, ie the more roommates you have the less it will cost.

I decided ahead of time I didn’t want random roommates so I met 5 amazing girls over Facebook and we decided to room together.

The way housing works is if you decide you don’t want random roommates you can link up with up to 7 other people when you choose housing. However, there is also a rumor going around that individuals who chose the first move in date (August 7th / my date) aren’t allowed to link with more than 1 or 2 other people (this has been true for other programs in the past for the first move in date people). So my roommates and I are currently freaking out at the thought of splitting up after we spent weeks finding each other.

*Just like housing complexes I can request to live in a 6 person apartment but it’s up to recruiters if my roommates and I get that or not.

**I’ll write a post about my process of choosing roommates soon and my thoughts on the roommate survey.

If you have any questions or have a topic you would like we to write about please comment below!


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