*If you don’t want to get paired with random roommates the best way to connect with a large group of fellow DCP cast members is a Facebook group. During my program our group had about 4,000+ people. I don’t use Facebook but I made an account just for Disney to be able to connect with girls ahead of time!


When I was creating my survey I wanted to make 2 things clear: What I was looking for in roommates, and what was important that girls know about me (you can find my personal Roommate Survey here, or down below).

What I wanted potential roommates to know about me:

There’s a standard roommate survey floating around that I’ve posted below but for me it wasn’t important that my roommates know where I live/ go to school/ favorite music/ what temperature I like my room. In the long run all of that stuff was minor to me. There were a couple points I did want my roommates to know about me, I knew for some people these points could be deal breakers but to me they were important. And though I really wanted a roommate who was similar to me I also didn’t mind if they didn’t have all the same interests, I just didn’t want them to judge me for things like my love of drinking around the world.

  • I’m a morning person
  • I like enjoy  LOVE  to drink (but not an alcoholic)
  • I’m very active and workout a lot
  • I’d rather explore and hike than sit inside
    • But everyone needs a quiet and relaxing day sometimes
  • I don’t like a messy apartment

What I was looking for in roommates:

After posting my survey and girls were messaging me, these are some of the things I looked for:

  • Down to earth
    • aka not crazy, aggressive, or uptight
  • Open minded
  • Adventurous
    • This was probably most important to me, I hate having to convince people to do things it’s never fun when you have to drag someone somewhere and they’re being a Debbie downer. While in Florida I want to be able to say “I’ve been thinking about doing                  .“. and be able to have my roommate to say “Yes, that sounds amazing, let’s do this!”
  • Won’t mind having alcohol in the apartment
  • Someone to drink around the world with me


I also didn’t want to seem uptight and I wanted my fun and care free personality to show so I tried to list some things that were important to me that others could relate to like cute photos and having a second closet to shop through when you can find nothing to wear in yours.

As stated above, I didn’t like the “copy&paste” survey that was going around Facebook, in my opinion it didn’t give me a chance to show my personality and it was way too long. When reading through other peoples I found myself skimming it because I honestly didn’t care about half the questions they were answering. I know this isn’t true for everyone and maybe the copy&paste survey fits you the best but what I’ve seen is that girls who post their own personal survey get more responses (which when trying to find the perfect roommate can be important)!


Hey ladies, I was just accepted for Fall and I’m so excited to begin my search for a roommate!

Move-in date: August 7th

Role: QSFB


  • I’m really good at taking pictures so you can have the perfect Insta update
  • Some days I’m a lazy potato but most days I like to get out and explore (hike, beach, parks)
  • Harry Potter fan! I’m going to get a pass to universal so if you’re a HP geek like me we can go together
  • I have a great closet and I’m a twin so I’m used to sharing
  • If you’re single we can “boy-shop” together
  • Do you want to drink around the world once? How about twice? Maybe three times?


  • I’m always early and prefer not to wait around
  • My sweet tooth dictates when and how much I need to eat
  • I love being around friends and being social but sometimes I like to hibernate in bed
  • I have a hardcore ‘resting bitch face’ but I swear I’m a nice person


  • I’ve been legal for two years and there is no way I am going back so I am looking to live in non-wellness housing. I don’t drink excessively (at least not every night) but I’ll probably want to go out once a week or have fun wine nights at home. Also, I’d love roommates and friends who want to drink around the world at EPCOT!


  • I’d like to live in Patterson Court (honestly because the pool looks amazing for photos), but Commons has free washing so…, but I’m really fine with anything that isn’t Vista Way. As far as roommates, I think a 6 person 3 bedroom apartment would be great.
  • I am a clean person, however, sometimes if I don’t know what to wear my room can look like a tornado hit it but I always clean up fairly quickly. Outside of my bedroom I do like to keep the rest of my apartment tidy. Another pro, I do all of my dishes when I use them so they won’t be lying in the sink!


  • I am a very active person and I strength train 3-4 times per week and enjoy running, yoga, and especially hiking! I am also a certified personal trainer if anyone would like a workout buddy!
  • I am a huge morning person and it’s horrible, I’m normally up at 6 and sleeping in for me is like 7:30am at the latest. However, I am a very quiet person when getting ready and I won’t blast music that’ll wake you up. I also take all of my showers at night so the sound of that won’t wake you up either.
  • I do like to make most of my own meals but if a group wants to go out for dinner I’m down for that!
  • I consider myself a workaholic, the last few summers I’ve had 2-3 jobs to pay for school and I work 60-80 hours per week. I’m trying to tone that down so I can also enjoy what Disney and Florida have to offer.
  • My favorite TV shows: Breaking Bad, Grey’s Anatomy, Westworld, This Is Us, Gossip Girl, Dexter, and of course The Bachelor!


Relationship Status:
Current Location:
Any Allergies?
Are you religious?

DCP Details
Accepted for WDW or DL?:
Flying or Driving?:
Welness or Non-Wellness?
Housing Complex:

Do you party? How often?
Do you smoke?
Do you drink?
Do you curse?
Can you cook?
Are you going to steal my food?
Are you going to share your food?
Are you going to do the dishes?
Morning or night person?
Do you snore?
Room hot or cold?
Lights on or off when sleeping?
Will you hog the bathroom?
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Would you rather stay in or go out?
What do you want to do on your off days?
Will we go on adventures together?
Do you work out?
Is your alarm clock annoying?
How do you handle bugs?
How often do you shower?
How clean do you expect the apartment to be?
Three words to describe yourself?
One good quality?
One bad quality?
Are you outgoing or quiet?
Do you like hanging out with people or do you keep to yourself?
What do you want in a roommate?
What are your biggest pet peeves?
Messy or Organized?
Favorite Music:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite TV Shows:
Favorite Food:
Favorite drink:

Favorite Princess:
Favorite Non-princess character:
Favorite Villian:
Favorite Disney Movie:
Favorite Park:
Favorite Attraction:





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