Ahhhhh. The coveted, much anticipated, dreaded, anxiety filled, roommate search. I was nervous to begin the search for roommates for Disney, roommates have a way of making everything better (late night food runs, spontaneous trips, wine nights, wing-women etc.) or worse (feeling like you can’t be in the same room, unapproachable, borderline crazy etc). I was eager to begin my search as early as possible before everyone was “taken”; it was a wild and exciting ride and I wouldn’t trade it for anything because of the amazing girls I’ve found, but damn, what it took to get here was crazy.

To start, you can read my roommate survey HERE and my tips for making your own survey. After I posted my survey I began messaging with girls right away, I am happy to say that two of the girls I was messaging initially are still part of my group to this day, but there have been many others I thought were going to stick around and have not. Here are some things to expect while searching for a roommate I wish I had known:

  • The first person you talk to probably won’t stick around (either you cut it off or they do)
  • Don’t feel obligated to stay with people you’ve already said you would room with
    • And this goes both ways, don’t treat it like it’s the end of the world if someone you thought you were going to room with decides to leave
    • Maybe you found out they were crazy, or your personalities didn’t mix, or you jumped in to things too soon (this sounds a lot like a relationship) but it will be better for things to be awkward during the breakup now than when you’ve already been living together for weeks
  • There’s always someone looking for a roommate and it might just lead you to forever friendships
  • You won’t pick all of your roommates the first day, let alone the first week or the first month after your acceptance
  • There will be no shortage of people looking for roommates, even now (39 days before move-in) there are people who are posting surveys.
    • ***Update: 21 days to move-in and people are still just now posting surveys


I’m attaching a picture to make this easier to comprehend, please refer to this if at any point you don’t follow what I’m saying.


February 15th – March 7th

When I first got accepted and paid my dues back in February I (1) initially found one other girl to live with (2) and she brought another girl along (3). Together, the three of us found our other roomies (4) and (5). This all happened within the first week after the first wave of acceptances went out. Everything was great, we were talking every day and had set up a group snapchat and were still trying to find our last roomie. We ended up putting out a group survey of all of our personalities combined and had found a lot of potential girls to be our 6th roommate; we narrowed the selection down to two girls and that’s when things got difficult. Four out of the five of us wanted girl A as our last roomie and the other roommate (2) wanted girl B to be our final roommate.

March 7th – March 9th

This created quite the controversy that all went down very quickly; on my end (1) it involved a lot of side messages with roommates (4 and 5) separately and then eventually together when I realized we were all on the same page. We knew we couldn’t stay with girl (2) for our time at Disney because the way she was treating the situation was very aggressive and didn’t line up with our personalities. We (1,4,5) made the hard and awkward decision to part from roommates (2 and 3).

March 9th – 25th

After this decision it was the four of us (1, 4, 5, and our newest addition 6 (girl A)). It was great, personally, I loved her personality from the messages we were sharing and she (6) ended up introducing us to two other girls (7 and 8) who ended up joining our roommate group. Now, this is where things get weird, we all (1,2,5,6,7,8) had the discussion about being roommates and we even all agreed on the housing complex we wanted and which girls would be pairing up to share a room; we literally had everything figured out. We talked and bonded for a little less than a month and then roommate 4 and I started to see weird stuff, like on the Facebook page roommate 6 would comment of other girls posts saying how she couldn’t “wait to have roomie wine nights with them”, or how they were going to make perfect roomies, and how she was so excited to have met her new roommate etc. you get the picture. In total roommate 4 and I saw her comment these things on five other girls posts. When we approached her (6) about it she said that she was still looking at all of her options because she didn’t want to “settle down” (or some shit like that) and how she didn’t realize we had all already agreed to be roommates (gurl, you were there during that discussion).

Anyways, it was hard in the moment because a month of bonding with these girls and thinking you had found roommates and already deciding on items to bring and what you’re going to do your first week together we thought we had everything we wanted. In the end roommate 6 ended up leaving and 7 and 8 went with her.

March 26th – April 20th

Even more awkwardly, in our continuing search for roommates we always found ourselves talking to potential roomies that girl 6 had/ was also talking to, so there was always competition. It was hard because after this second fall out all we (1,4,5) really wanted was to find genuine girls we could bond with.

In hindsight things couldn’t have happened more perfectly, the day after our fallout with girls 6,7,8 we saw a survey of a girl who really stuck out to us and she was so happy and bubbly when we started talking. I think there was a feeling of relief for everyone because she (9) had been nervous she wouldn’t find roommates so late and we were worried we would keep hitting bad luck but it couldn’t have worked out any better!

April 20th – April 29th

The four of us (1,2,5,9) spent a little less than one month getting to know one another and really growing a friendship, but we were still on the hunt for two more ladies to complete our dream of an apartment of six. We finally found another girlie that excited us (10) and to be honest our first couple days of knowing her were stressful and anxiety filled because she had been talking to another girl (11) that we really liked but she (11) was waiting to see if her friend from home got accepted because if so she would be rooming with her.

April 29th – Now

In the end it all worked out for the best, and honestly, I wouldn’t change anything. In the moment it may have seemed like hell trying to do something as simple as finding roommates but I wouldn’t trade those trials for the girls I have now and it honestly feels like we were meant to be together (this is getting really cheesy).

Now, we talk pretty much every single day. We’re all busy and have jobs and lives but we make time to always connect and catch up with each other. It’s been more amazing than I could have dreamed I feel like we have already bonded so much in the two months we’ve been a group. We’ve been there for the hard times when one of our roomies relationships ended, and we’ve been there for the good times like birthdays and graduations. We share photos with each other when our makeup looks bomb and on point, we send drunk snapchats to each other saying how we can’t wait to finally live together, we ask for advice on outfits, problems with friends at home, and our worries about the program; I honestly feel like we’ve all been through so much together and we haven’t even met.

To go along with that, the only anxiety the roommate search is giving us now is that we are quickly approaching the time to make housing choices (roughly a month from move in) and we’re worried that even though we’re going to request to live together, it might be denied or we might get split up. I’ll update when we know!

***UPDATE: Exactly 3 weeks out from arrival and we received our Housing email, along with this we found out we would be able to link up with 5 people total (ie, myself plus 5 others). We all get to be roommates!!!



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