I can’t believe it’s getting so close, we’re just about to wrap up picking roommates and housing complexes and then about 10 days out from arrival is when we find out our work location! I am literally so excited and nervous. TBH there is no park I don’t want to be in, they all have their pros and cons but I would be thrilled to spend time in any. The only place I don’t want to be put is a resort (unless it’s a nice resort) idk, I feel like I really just want to be placed at a park, but hey, I’m working at Disney I’ll end up being so happy wherever I am placed.

So, let’s go by each park and list the pros and cons (my personal pros and cons, I understand everyone might not agree with them) and maybe by the end I’ll have a favorite.

Magic Kingdom


  • Longer park hours = chance for longer shifts = more money
  • I mean, come on, it’s magic kingdom
  • Larger park and more places to pick up shifts
  • The park where all of the holiday festivities go on


  • Longer park hours = early opening shifts and 2am closing shifts
  • Busier, more focus on guests getting in and out and less one-on-one time
  • More pressure to be perfect since it is the main park



  • Personally I just think this would be a really cool park to work at with so much cultural diversity
  • Maybe my favorite park outside MK
  • Could also try to pick up a shift during a festival


  • Not a lot of food stands outside of the world showcase so less of a chance being placed here

Animal Kingdom


  • Shorter park hours and no fireworks = not closing at 2am = maybe being able to run over to MK to see the fireworks before heading home
  • I love all things animal so….


  • Shorter park hours = shorter shift length = less money
  • Used to be a slower park but with Pandora is now really crowded

Hollywood Studios


  • One of the quieter parks, things are more slow paced and relaxed
  • I’ve heard good things about working in Studios, leaders tend to be really relaxed and nice


  • Not a main park and I might feel like I’m missing out

Overall, if I had to pick one park to work, it I would actually be torn between Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom. I just feel like MK is such and iconic location and I would honestly be honored to be given a location here. On the other hand, from all the cast members I follow on social media, they rave about Hollywood Studios. When I’ve read blogs and watched vlogs pertaining to work location (QSFB) MK seems to have the largest possibility of getting a less than stellar work location (whether it’s the leader or the location itself) and Studios seemed like it had a truly amazing group of cast members who wear the Disney look inside and out.

I thought about ranking my choices 1-4 but I realized that was unfair to them and unfair to myself. I think it’s okay to have a favorite park but as soon as you start rating or ranking something it becomes almost petty and leads to a larger chance of letdown. Even now, almost 6 months after being accepted, I am still so thankful that Disney has given me this opportunity to work for them that even if I had ranked the parks or even if I get placed at a resort, I will still be off-the-wall ecstatic that I was given this chance!

** Once I have spent my fair share of time working at Disney I’ll make an updated post once I know more of the ins and outs!


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