We’re getting down to the final days before move-in, *EEEK* I told myself I would write this post at the 100 day mark but at that time I still felt like it was too far away and I still hadn’t actually begun preparing, so here we are.

I know a big component for a lot of people is the wait until move-in. It can drag, feel like forever, and like you are never. Going. To. Get. There. So here are some things I did to keep the magic alive and pass the time day-by-day so my excitement never dwindled.


*Click here to see my post on cast members to follow* These people (or any cast member for that matter) are seriously the best. I have lived vicariously through them and I am always so excited to see their adventures because I know soon I’m going to be going on adventures of my own. Along with cast members to follow here are some hashtags of them to search and follow for more fun!



#dcpspring2017 (I followed the previous program and my upcoming programs hashtag)






A big thing for me is inspiration for photos; I followed a lot of pages of other basic girls at Disney and found so many cute shots. Also, following Disney on Pinterest is never a bad idea, I mean if you want magic in your life just go to the source! Here is my Pinterest board for photo inspiration.


Besides all of the petty shit that happens on the page the FB page has definitely helped keep me excited. It’s been sad when fall advantage moved in already and you can feel like you’re missing out but then you see all the fun they’re having and at the same time you’re like, that’s going to be me! *squeals*


There are some things that were/are very important to me in the process of getting ready to make my move to Disney. I hate to say it but the top three things that were most important to me were very vain; in no particular order: clothes, makeup, photos.


Coming from PA I feel like I have a much more simple life than those in FL. I have what I would consider a cute wardrobe but it was mostly comfortable cute if you get what I’m saying (as an exercise science major I’m a huge fan of gym shorts and t-shirts). So to get ready for FL I wanted to vamp up my closet. I was still big on comfort (lol, no way I’m walking around the parks in heals and a little black dress) but I wanted to be next level cute while doing it. I definitely acquired a lot more crop tops and sleeveless shirts, and added more flowy, lightweight materials to my dresser. The place I went for all of this was Plato’s Closet. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a consignment shop only for young person clothing. Almost everything has been used (although every now and then you can find an item with the original tag still on it) but it is sold for 1/3 of what it was in the store. All of the shirts I’ve bought have never been more than $10 but are usually $5, the shorts are usually $8, and dresses and rompers go for $12. I’ve even found brand new Nikes in there for $25! It can be a hit or miss but since I started shopping there two years ago over half of my wardrobe is now from there and my bank account never has to cry when I go up to the register to check out which is an added bonus!


My strange addiction. I swear I could go to Sephora and stay in there for hours just ogling at all the beautiful pallets. Besides doing this just for myself, Disney also gave me a reason to revamp some of my makeup. Now don’t get me wrong, over half of my makeup and makeup brushes come from ELF or Wet-n-Wild but every now and then I like to splurge at Sephora, especially for skin care. I made a list of items I wanted/needed to get before my move and each paycheck I slowly add a couple new items to my repertoire. Each time I go into the store I describe to the associate assisting me my skin type and the place I’m moving because weather such as in FL can play such a huge part in makeup and how it stays on your face. Here’s a look at my list. All the items I’ve listed have worked out well for me and stay put.

$: drugstore/ inexpensive

$$$: splurge

  • Primer (Rimmell stay matte) $
  • Waterproof mascara (boxom) $
  • Setting spray (Urban Decay all nighter) $$$
  • Setting powder (Rimmell stay matte) $
  • Face mask (charcoal all natural) $
  • Makeup wipes (Kirkland, all hail Costco) $
  • Face lotion (Tacha water cream) $$$
  • Face wash (CVS brand charcoal wash) $
  • Toner (Thayer’s witch hazel) $
  • Concealer (rimmell $ and Kat Von D $$$)
  • New pallete (Makeup shack) $
  • BB cream (NARS) $$$
  • Beauty blenders (ELF and Forever 21) $
  • Eyelid primer (Shopmissa) $
  • Serum?


Ugh yes, my basic heart and Instagram are in need of some basic photos. I literally have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to photos that inspire me and I think would be adorable to recreate with myself and roomies/ friends. I have also looked into getting a nice camera (you can take photos without your phone, what??) so that I can have higher quality photos of memories that I make while on this fabulous adventure. I haven’t been able to come up with a consensus from online research so my next step is to go into Best Buy and get an opinion from an associate. I’ll update this page when I choose a camera and how I like it.

So that’s basically what has been occupying my time while I get ready to leave. I have also slowly begun to get stuff for my apartment; literally the best place to buy items is the dollar store. I got extra hangers to hang all my costumes on, Tupperware and sandwich bags for meal prepping, picture frames etc. and it’s so cheap which is always my favorite. I have also been slowly starting to buy food, like boxes of pasta and peanut butter, and granola bars; nothing that will go bad by the time I get there but so that I can have enough to get started and I don’t have to do a horribly expensive grocery store trip my first couple of days sown there.

Since I work at Lowes and get a discount I also did a lot of my shopping for items here (hint always look for the yellow price tag because that means the item is the cheapest it can get). I got two, two gallon bottles of detergent for $8 apiece; I got bathroom bleach to clean our bathtub and other items so I don’t feel disgusting using an ancient shower. I also got some car air fresheners to clip onto the vents so that our room and closet can smell nice without using a plug-in or spray. I got disinfectant wipes, toilet bowl cleaners, dryer sheets, fabric softener, and bed bug and a home defense spray. If you haven’t heard FL is home to some disgusting ass, nasty bugs. And I refuse to put up with that shit. Apparently every year an apartment complex breaks out with bed bugs so I’m going to play it safe and kill those suckers from the beginning. Same with anything else with over 4 legs and wings; this is what the home defense spray is for. One of my coworkers used to be an exterminator and he swears by this stuff; as soon as we move-in I’m calling a time out so we can take 10 minutes and spray this stuff around the perimeter of our apartment, any bug left will be a dead bug.

If you can’t tell a lot of shopping has been occupying my time, I have tried to buy stuff slowly so I don’t bankrupt myself and I can still divide my paycheck up into savings and vacation (read here for my budgeting strategy).

Things I still need to do:

  • Get my car checked
    • 2 new tires
    • General maintenance
    • windshield wipers
    • Oil change
  • Hair cut
  • Hardcore grocery shopping
    • Including sunscreen
    • Tampons
    • Cereal
    • Mixers etc.
  • Work full time
  • Visit with friends and family

The reason I list this stuff is because if you keep yourself occupied the time will literally fly. There would be days where I would go to remove a balloon on my countdown wall and realize I had to take 5 down because I had been so busy.

I would also suggest for any shopping try to do it discounted. There is no way I would be able to revamp my closet without the consignment shop, and whenever I do my grocery shopping I go to an outlet called BBs which is run by the Amish and all food is usually $1 or less. Sometimes I feel over prepared but I know when I move in it will decrease the stress I have.


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