Oh. My. Gosh. How did we get here? How on earth did we get here??? Today is my last day at home, tomorrow I begin my two day drive from PA to FL; which can only mean that in 3…. THREE DAYS……. I will be checking into housing and living my dream at Disney! So, … More IT’S TIME!


I hate being an adult. Okay, no I don’t. But I do hate much of the responsibilities that comes with the title. Case in point, my lovely car. Let’s call her Phyllis, because that’s her name. My freshman year of college, and sophomore, and junior year, anytime I wanted to go somewhere I had to … More CAR TROUBLE


25 DAYS TIL DISNEY!! PASSING THE TIME We’re getting down to the final days before move-in, *EEEK* I told myself I would write this post at the 100 day mark but at that time I still felt like it was too far away and I still hadn’t actually begun preparing, so here we are. I … More GETTING READY


32 DAYS TIL DINSEY!! I can’t believe it’s getting so close, we’re just about to wrap up picking roommates and housing complexes and then about 10 days out from arrival is when we find out our work location! I am literally so excited and nervous. TBH there is no park I don’t want to be … More WHICH PARK?


38 DAYS TIL DISNEY!! Ahhhhh. The coveted, much anticipated, dreaded, anxiety filled, roommate search. I was nervous to begin the search for roommates for Disney, roommates have a way of making everything better (late night food runs, spontaneous trips, wine nights, wing-women etc.) or worse (feeling like you can’t be in the same room, unapproachable, … More THE ROOMMATE SEARCH


Trip: May 21st – May 25th Flight: 6 Hours Time Difference: 4 hours ahead (12am est = 4am Iceland) DAY 1 Red Eye flight at 7pm out of Baltimore Washington International Airport 6 hour flight Arrive 5am Iceland time Pingvellir National Park First waterfall of the trip Snorkel between two tectonic plates!! Europe and the … More ICELAND


75 DAYS UNTIL DISNEY!! Role: Quick Service Food & Beverage Pay: $10.00 HOW I SAVE If you haven’t realized yet I’m a huge planner and I like to be prepared . Remember when you had to do group projects in school and that one person would do all the work and refuse to let anyone else do … More budgeting


86 DAYS UNTIL DISNEY!   As you may already be able to tell, I am super excited about documenting my upcoming trip to Disney through this blog. It’s going to give me a great place to store all my photos and allow friends and family to check out what I’m doing without having to send … More BLOGGING AT DISNEY

Bucket List

*Tip: Print and hang your bucket list in your room! The more you look at it the more likely you are to accomplish everything you want to do. Some CP’s forget about their list until the last month and try to cram everything in to a short and stressful time. FOOD Mickey ice cream bar … More Bucket List